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The Luxe, as a way of life- Monday, September 25, 2017

The Luxe, as a way of life, as a style of behavior, like attitude, is educated! The education of the first seven years in the family, at home, in the places we visit with our children, from the people we communicate with. Luxe can be bought with money, but style is brought up and inherited.

A silver and glod glass for wine, symbol of high calss standart.

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Luxury gift for Bill Gates- Monday, September 11, 2017

Luxury gift for Bill Gates
Do you know that the replica of the rhyton with a head of Amazon , part of the golden Thracian treasure, found in the town Panagyurishte, Bulgaria, was given by the Bulgarian President to Bill Gates.
If you want to feel like a president - you can make a gift - this replica, if you want your clients and friends to feel like Bill Gates - give them the Amazon as a luxury gift!


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Silver horse- Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Silver horse

The horse is a typical Proto-Bulgarian symbol, symbol of heaven, freedom and strong  will. In Bulgarian mythology and folklore the horse is a symbol of the heavenly beginning and the sun. According to the belief, the Sun is a young man who rides a horse. At the same time, in the folk concepts, the horse is a space mediator between the upper and the lower world.

The jeweler Martirosian, with great love and respect for nature and animals, has made the miniature of a galloping horse, a symbol of victory!

If you want to present an original silver jewel, this is my proposal!

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