SPECIAL PRICES FOR SPECIAL ITEMS for a certain period of time

In this category PROMOTIONS you will find SPECIAL PRICES FOR SPECIAL ITEMS, handmade gifts, luxury art souvenirs, gifts for everyone at PROMOTIONAL PRICES! The gift can be beautiful, unique and affordable, isn't it?

Our clients often ask us why in our site, where we offer unique, author's products, art works, luxury gifts and replicas of antiques, we have also placed the category "Gift Promotions". Firstly, because we live in a pragmatic world and any reduction in costs is important. Secondly, because we respect and appreciate our customers and whenever it is possible, WE HAVE DECREASES of prices. And thirdly, reductions are not because the products are not sold. These promotions are only applicable for a certain period of time and are an expression of our great respect to our customers so that those who love beautiful things can afford to buy them at a certain promotional price! So, dear friends, fofflow and check the PROMOTIONS category!

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Магнит, гъдулка

Ръчно изработен дървен сувенир, гъдулка
7,00 лв. 3,50 лв.