The golden mask of the Thracian King Theres

The golden mask of the Thracian King Theres

The unique treasure, estimated at several million dollars was found near the town of Shipka  in Bulgaria by expedition led by phd  Georgi Kitov from the Archaeological Institute of BAS .

The treasure was found in the grave, located  2 km from Shipka, Bulgaria and it is  assumed that this is the tomb of Thracian king Odrysian king Teres, who lived 440-480 BC. The Thracian aristocrats were buried in mounds. The size of the tomb is 3.20 to 1.60 meters.

Experts have found that the mound is from the middle and second half of the 5th century BC.King Teres is known as the father of Sitalk.

The gold  mask was discovered by the wife of Dr. Kitov, Diana Dimitrova. The mask was done by solid 23-carat gold and its  weight is around 670 grams. There is no analogue of  such antique, according to the archaeologist. The ring has a very fine workmanship and weighs 15 grams.

One of the most interesting and curious hypotheses about the mask is that it served as a phiale. On special ceremonies, the king drank wine from the mask and then put it on his face. It sounds exotic, but it is quite possible that this is a death mask of king Teres.

 "The treasure is priceless ", said the archaeologist. 

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