Art replicas of antiques

Anyone can feel like a Thracian king , holding a museum art replicas of ancient vessels, offered by our online shop for unique art gifts. You can order high quality items with historical value. These art replicas meet the requirements of Bulgarian legislation and carry the spirit, tradition of the Thracian masters.

The handmade creations are done with great respect to the Thracian culture. The limited number of art vessels and art scultures are done with respect to the spirit and the masterpiece of the timeless art of the Bulgarian museums. Our mission is to bring these unique art replicas closer to you and to enable to love them and order them!Through our site you can order a unique gift , memorable corporate gift to an official event. Replicas of the treasures found in the Bulgarian lands are intelligent and stylish gifts,  suitable for official visits abroad, and for the anniversary.

To hold in your hands and use a replica of an ancient vessel is a privilege of the few.