Picture of Photo album "Bulgaria"
Picture of Photo album "Bulgaria" Picture of Photo album "Bulgaria" Picture of Photo album "Bulgaria"

Photo album "Bulgaria"

A photo album with a handmade embroidery from the Samokov region
Manufacturer: Maya Tancheva

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Photo album "Bulgaria"

Photo album with a handmade case made of linen panama and an exact copy of a Samokov's embroidery. The harness is from sleeve of a women's blouse and copied off a model from the Ethnographic Museum. It is hand embroidered with silk threads.

The album features postcards of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. This album was made by an individual order of a Bulgarian father who lives with his family in Chicago but never forgot where he was born and where his life began. The album was ordered for his son's wedding, which took place in Borovets!

Unique gift for a Bulgarian wedding!

The album is also very suitable as well for a luxurious jubilee gift! The price is of an album with a hand-embroidered cover and 30 postcards from Bulgaria.

You can order only a case for an album that you can give us and we can make it. The cost of the handmade case is 95 leva.

Picture of Албум за снимки "България"
Албум за снимки "България"
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135,00 лв.
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