Picture of Thracian Kantoros
Picture of Thracian Kantoros Picture of Thracian Kantoros

Thracian Kantoros

Hand forged copper, silvered and embossed cantoros, patinated

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Thracian Kantoros

The Kantoros is a ritual antique vessel with a high stool and two handles with a characteristic curve. The exact translation of the word Kantoros is a jar for spilling.

Unique, hand-made cup of copper with which you can touch the ancient Thracian mystique and have a unique piece of the rich ancient history of this great tribe! Drink as a Thracian ruler, enjoying your rest after another hunt, capturing the mystics and wisdom of the Thracians and bringing beauty and grace to your home!

It is high 14 cm with capacity of 250 ml, silvered and patinated. Term of execution - one month after the order.

A great luxury gift, carrying the Thracian beauty, style and detail!

Тракийски кантарос
SKU: 2035
Manufacturer part number: 2035
500,00 лв.
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