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About Us

Dear visitors
Welcome to our online shop for luxury, handcrafted gifts and souvenirs Giftsbg. For a long period of time, we are working on the idea of ​​successfully presentation on the web the luxury, corporate, protocol and individual gifts,, related to Bulgarian history, culture and tradition. Our mission is to promote and sell gifts and souvenirs of high aesthetic value related to the history of Bulgaria. The basic idea of ​​all partners of Giftsbg is to develop their activities in the production of gifts with high aesthetic and artistic value. The team of specialists, technologists, designers, artists and sculptors  have all the necessary documents, knowledge and experience to carry out this activity. Our goal is to make our contribution to the preservation and development of the Bulgarian lifestyle and culture in technological 21st century. The electronic mode of trading is consistent with our busy lives. You need a gift that will leave lasting memories, or luxurious, high class gift for a special event, you want to be special and unique, and to touch the Thracian treasures , life and culture of ancient rulers -  in our online shop you will have the chance to choose the perfect gift easy, efficient, convenient! We are happy and proud that our artistic replicas adorn palaces of European aristocrats; our protocol gifts are ordered from ministries, banks, companies and presented to celebrities around the world; our luxury gifts adorn the homes and offices of famous collectors and companies in most countries of the world.

And another reason why we created this store - because we love what we do and feel perfect working in a team of knowledgeable and capable people!
This online store is owned by "Popovi Corp" Ltd. - town. Sofia, bul. "St. Sofia" 74 ent A UIC 203 976 638
Phones Contact:

Peter Popov - 0899 528 300

and Elieta Popova - 0898 580 494,

Our team will provide you  wide variety of unique and original luxury gifts and souvenirs.  All our products are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and models of antique vessels comply with the so-called "commercial items," according to Ordinance № H-00-0005 on June 8, 2010 the terms and conditions for the reproduction of cultural values ​​copies lines and objects for commercial purposes. The companies producing these antique vessels have signed contracts for pecuniary interest with museums in the country.

Contact Phones:  0899 528 300, 0898 580 494, mail: