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Well done job by the online shop

13 септември 2017 г.

"I literally jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!".....

Well done job by the online shop for reproductions of historical masterpieces.

This letter we received from our client, concerning the replica of the golden cup with a bull's head, a replica of the treasure of Khan Asparuh.

The treasure was discovered before more than two centuries of Bulgarian gardeners.
In 1799, on July 3 near Banat village Nand Sent Miklos (at that time, this village was within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now is in Romania),  the two brothers gardeners Cyril and Christo NAKOV found the treasure, digging in their garden. The brothers were from Northern Bulgaria, but they worked in Banat as gardeners. Digging the garden at a depth of 50-60 cm they found a gold object. Carefully dug the soil and found a treasure  of 23 items with a total weight of 10 kg.
The brothers donated the treasure to the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. For this act they were rewarded with knighthood

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